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Real Estate Financing Mastery

This program helps you in developing skillset around Financial Modelling & Market Research for Real Estate companies/projects.

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Financial Modelling is a critical skill in the Investment Banking Space and one of the many industries with which the Investment Banking fraternity is widely engaged in context of deals is Real Estate.

Hence, it is very important for one who intends to build a career in the Investment Banking space to be exposed to the Real Estate industry.

In our Real Estate Financial Modelling Program, you get to understand the practical aspects that will lead you to develop the skills required in the Investment Banking Domain.

What will you learn in this program?

 What are the different types of Real Estate properties under
 What does the cost of Property include
 What are the different means of financing a property
 What are the risks associated with a Project 
 Construction stages in Real Estate
 Real Estate terms for all stages
 Interpretation of Real Estate Terms
 How would you determine the demand for a project
 Case Study: A Residential Project developer is planning for a Residential Township Development in a village near Bilaspur. How the entire study is done?
 Types of Commercial Properties
 Aspects around Commercial Properties
 Numbers to track for Commercial Properties
 Basis of choosing a location for a Commercial Property
 A typical project cost structure and means of finance
 Playing around with sensitivity analysis
 Risk Analysis of a Project
 What is Loan Against Property
 Financial Modelling
o LAP Model
o LRD Model
o % completion method model
o Develop and sell model
o Land return on sale model
o Property valuation model
o Project under construction model

Who may attend the Course:

 Who is looking for a job in Capital Raising or Advisory in an Investment Bank
 Looking for job in Credit Appraisal of Commercial Banks
 Who is looking for a job as a Credit Rating Analyst in a Rating Agency
 Who is looking for a job in Credit in an NBFC
 Who is looking for a job in the Finance Department of a Real Estate Company

How is the program conducted:

This is a video based program which you may access on our platform at your own time and comfort 24/7 for a period of 1 year. You will be receiving a soft Completion Certificate once you are through with the program.

Once you complete the program, you will be able to list your profile on our JOB BOARD so that your profile may be reviewed by recruiters and you may get a call directly from them.

Benefits of attending this program:

 Gain the skillset that the Finance fraternity is looking for
 Be more confident at the time of interviews
 Be employable from the very first day 
 Deepen your analysis skills for those who are already working
 Access the program at a time and place convenient to you

This is what the students of the previous batch had to say:

"When i joined the group "Business Unplugged with Arin" I was really happy to see the kind of questions sir discuss on this group, these are really the kind of questions that were asked from me in my internship interviews. From a long time I wanted to take a good course in Investment Banking but could not find one which could actually teach "from the basics and explain in detail about the opportunities".Then sir posted about this course of Investment banking in real estate and then I thought "yeah, maybe it'll work, maybe not".But Honestly guys...after my first lesson the answer was "He knows what he is talking about". " -- Arjun Uppal, Student, FMS

"I have successfully completed watching all the videos of the course. It has helped me gain deep practical knowledge about the real estate market as well as their financial aspects. It has also added value to my knowledge regarding the technical aspects of the market. The way various financial terms has been derived is very easy to understand and useful. I am definitely looking forward to gain advantage of this project in the near future." - Madhu Bansal, MBA

"I have gone through the entire course of Real estate Financial modelling. Sir this course is very well structured , easy to understand and Insightful. I will suggest every one who want to make career in finance must go through this course. At the end thank you so much sir for this course and guidance."- Deepak Patidar, MBA, IIT Roorkee

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Property Valuation Model

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Land return on sale model
Project under construction model

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Lease rental discounting model

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Percentage Completion Method Model

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Loan Against Property Model

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