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Stock Investing : Fundamental Analysis Mastery

If you want to generate wealth by investing in shares on a long term basis, you shall be able to identify the right set of stocks by passing them through a correct Framework of Investment. This program teaches you how to correctly boil down to those stocks which helps you to generate wealth.

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Are you someone who would like to generate wealth in the long term?

Would you like to understand how to make sound investment decisions in shares that helps you to generate  wealth?

Would you like to get the Freedom (money, time, person to work with, location of work) you always wanted by generating long term returns ?

Would you be interested to generate a passive income portfolio along with your present work?

Are you looking to work as a Fundamental Analyst?

If your answer is YES to either of the above, then I have something very interesting for you:

Getting wealthy should not just be the exclusive legacy of wealthy families. The secrets of creating wealth should be available to benefit anyone who is interested in learning them.
With this belief I had embarked on my journey of learning the nuances best known to few individuals and what I experienced is that they were able to generate wealth as they understand the Framework of Investment.

So, I have applied the same Framework of Investment in my portfolio over the years which has given me great returns that helped me to leave my job and lead my life in the way that I always wanted.

And I want to bring forth the same Framework to you all through a video based program that will expose you to the world of wealth generation by investing in shares over the long term which in other words is known as Fundamental Analysis of Stock Investing.

The broad aspects covered in the program are as follows:

  • Why investment in stocks very important to generate wealth
  • Primary reasons for someone to invest in stocks
  • Who are some of the world renowned investors that you shall know of and understand their investment philosophy
  • What are the basic skillset required in an individual to succeed in the stock market
  • Basics of stock investing
  • Sources to extract information on a daily basis
  • What are the most prominent strategies of Investment
  • What is the tool that you may use to identify the stocks in few minutes that matches your investment strategy out of roughly 5000 plus stocks listed in stock exchanges
  • How you would be able to source the financial information of those companies in the way you want in seconds
  • What are the four broader pillars of analysing companies
  • How and what to study in an annual report of a company
  • Best practice what I follow in terms of Financial Statement Analysis of a stock 
  • Aspects that I look into to undertake Valuation Analysis of a stock
  • SGR Analysis of a Stock that provides you with more confidence in your investment decision
  • Business aspects that is required to be looked into
  • Industry aspects that is required to be looked into
  • Management aspects that is required to be looked into
  • When to sell a stock
  • The essence of credit rating reports and how to read them
  • How to monitor your portfolio
  • How to interpret the 5 most common corporate actions undertaken
  • How to undertake intrinsic value calculation with the help of a tool
  • What to interpret through Intrinsic Value Calculation

Who may attend the program:

  • One who have a general understanding of Financial Statements i.e, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Do drop me a mail at if you have no sense on Financial Statements but still would like to derive the value of this course. Will let you know on the way ahead for the same separately.

How is the program conducted:

This is a video based program which you may access on our platform at your own time and comfort 24/7. 

You will be receiving a soft Completion Certificate once you are through with the program. 

You would have LIFETIME ACCESS on our platform.


Once you complete the program, you will be able to list your profile on our JOB BOARD so that your profile may be reviewed by recruiters and you may get a call directly from them.

Benefits of attending this program:

  • You get the skill for life to generate wealth

  • Huge value for money that you are investing.

  • You get to know what I practice and how I make money.

  • Access the program at a time and place convenient to you.

This is what the students of the previous batch had to say:

"I just want to say that i have completed the stock investing course via watching all the relevant and crucial points to be kept in mind for research a good company to invest in. In nutshell it was a very nice and precisely drafted the key points or triggers to be kept in mind before investing in any company." - Karan 

"Thanks a lot for the Stock Investing videos.They are really useful" - Akash 

" I gained a lot of knowledge on Fundamental Analysis through this course, this will help me in picking the right stocks and generate wealth in the long term. I will highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues for sure and I must say it's a must do for all who want to gain knowledge about Stock Market. I thank you for coming up with such a wonderful course and appreciate all the hard work and efforts put in by you for making the course so informative in a very easy way." - Gaurav 

If you have any questions , drop a mail at or call at 9867630701.


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