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Business Valuation Mastery

This program is designed with the objective of helping you attain the skillset of undertaking a comprehensive Business Valuation exercise.

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Do you want to make a career where you would need to understand the value of a Business/ develop strategy to improve the profitability of a business and hence increase the value of a Business.

Do you see yourself evaluating Business Offers and negotiating strategic sale of a Business.

Do you want to associate yourself with tasks to justify the per share equity value in a company for annual shareholder meetings

Do you want to identify whether the business is growing, stagnant or declining in value to restructure the business and so on.

If the thought of these set of activities excites you, then you need to build the skillsets around VALUATION.

Individuals with the right skillset around Valuation is in high demand. So if you would like to attain the right skillset so that you may impress upon your interviewer / seniors in your present organization,  then do not miss the opportunity. Also, once you complete this program, you will be able to list your profile on our JOB BOARD so that your profile may be reviewed by recruiters and you may get a call directly from them.

This is a 37 part video program where you would learn the following along with undertaking  Valuation Exercise on REAL LIFE FINANCIAL MODEL on excel for a large conglomerate and a private company. You would receive excel templates and fully worked out financial model.

  • Perception & Truth of Valuation
  • Significance of Valuation
  • Basis of all Valuation Approach
  •  Valuation Myths
  • Nature of companies for which Valuation may be undertaken
  • Different purposes of Valuation
  • 3 major reason for Valuation to get bad
  •  Approaches of Valuation
  • What is Intrinsic Value
  • 3 components of Intrinsic Value
  • Two ways of undertaking Intrinsic Valuation
  • Intrinsic Value is a function of
  • Drivers of Value
  • When is Value created and destroyed
  • DCF method of Valuation
  • Ways of representing DCF
  • DCF advantages and Disadvantages
  • DCF approaches
  • Process of DCF analysis
  • Levered vs Unlevered DCF
  • Two basic proposition of Risk Adjusted Value
  • Types of Discount Rate
  • Different models to calculate Cost of Equity
  • Risk classification of CAPM
  • Determining Risk Free Rate
  • Standard procedure of Estimating Beta
  • Beta Determinant
  • Bottom up Betas
  • 3 criteria to be considered as Debt
  • Determining Cost of Capital
  • Determining FCFF
  • Determining FCFE
  • Determining Cash Flow
  • Determining Growth in Earnings
  • Methods of estimating Terminal Value
  • Value creation process
  • Holding in other firms
  • Value of Synergy
  • Value of Control
  • Determining Enterprise Value
  • Treasury Stock Method
  • Determining Equity Value
  • From Enterprise Value to Equity Value
  • Inventory Accounting
  • LIFO Reserve
  • Effect of Depreciation
  • Effect of Operating & Financial Leases
  • Capitalization versus Expensing
  • Effect of Intangible Asset and Deferred Tax
  • Effect of Environmental Liabilities, Minority Interest and Pension Adjustment
  • Intrinsic Valuation vs Relative Valuation
  • Types of Relative Valuation
  • Comparable Company Analysis/Trading Comps
  • Comparable Transactions Analysis/Deal Comps/Acquisition analysis
  • Multiple Calculation
  • Understanding Multiples
  • Different Types of Multiples
  • Asset Based Valuation
  • Valuing Private Business
  • Real Life Case Study
  • Undertaking Valuation Exercise with Financial Model of a Conglomerate as well as a Private Company
  • Templates and Final Financial Model


Who may attend the program:

  • One who have a general understanding of Financial Statements i.e, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

How is the program conducted:

This is a video based program which you may access on our platform at your own time and comfort 24/7. 

You will be receiving a soft Completion Certificate once you are through with the program. 

You would have LIFETIME ACCESS on our platform.


Once you complete the program, you will be able to list your profile on our JOB BOARD so that your profile may be reviewed by recruiters and you may get a call directly from them.