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Technical Analysis Mastery

This program focuses on enhancing your skill in undertaking Technical Analysis with ease and confidence.

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Technical Analysis as we understand is a Visual Discipline. In this medium we look at charts and indicators and try to predict the future direction of the market based on those pictures. A chart is a visual display of data. The visual display may be useful because it speaks to more of our cognitive capacity than what a list of numbers can. 


If helps in keeping things simple. 


This SIMPLICITY is the strength of Technical Analysis. For individuals who are not having a liking of numbers or is constrained of time for undertaking analysis, Technical Analysis comes very handy.


The only challenge is that sometimes we do not value simplicity and keep making things unnecessary complicated and this complexity is increasing over a period of time. On one end, we are having paucity of time and on the other end every alternate day new theories are coming up which is discouraging us to love the exercise which was initially started with the perspective of making things simple. I don’t disregard the new aspects that are coming up but it is that they have to be addressed in a sequence. 


So, I always had this thought of coming up with a program that helps one to be exposed to this field in a simple byte sized sequential manner that would not appear unnecessary complicated and would build the foundation for shaping up the right skillsets for taking up trading decisions with EASE and CONFIDENCE.


The ‘Technical Analysis Mastery’ program is developed with the same perspective.


If you would like to make Trading an integral part of your life, whether it is to be a professional trader or to generate additional income through Trading, you shall undertake this program as it will equip you with the right skillsets. 


One cannot simply intend to make money from the Market without having understanding on Technical Analysis. The way India is poised for growth in the next 30 years, it would be very sad if one is not adapting the right skillset of Trading.


I have been trading for the past 20 plus years and have gone through the best of programs from eminent traders / institutes of India and abroad. Other than my professional qualifications, I am also a ‘Bourse Certified Trader’, a highly coveted program extended by Reserve Bank of India for traders dealing into Treasury. 


This program is a 60 part video program where we have discussed on Technical Analysis in details. The broader aspects that would be covered in the program are as follows:


  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Charts and Scale
  • Types of Charts
  • Trend Indicators
  • Moving Averages
  • Simple Moving Average
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • MACD, PPO, ADX, AD Line, Parabolic SAR etc.
  • Momentum Indicators
  • Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, Stochastic RSI, William % R etc.
  • Dow Theory
  • Trend and Trendline
  • Support & Resistance
  • Channel Lines
  • Fibonacci Extensions and Retracement
  • Reversal Pattern
  • Head and Shoulder, Inverse Head & Shoulder
  • Double and Triple Tops and Bottoms
  • Spikes and Saucers
  • Triangles – Ascending/Symmetrical/Descending
  • Flags/ Pennants/Rectangle
  • Pivot Point Reversal
  • NR4/NR7
  • Gap
  • Japanese Candlesticks – Hammer/Hanging man / Doji / Tops/ Engulfing / Harami/Piercing Patterns / Star Patterns etc.
  • Volume Analysis
  • Elliot Wave and Neo Wave
  • Fibonacci
  • Trading Journal etc.


Please Note: This is a broad outline. There is more and beyond to this.


The essence of the program lies in both depth of coverage and clarity as to how to interpret charts and indicators that would help you develop strategies around trading in very clear terms without ambiguity.    

Who may attend the program:


Anyone who wants to trade in Stock Market. You may be from any qualification background.

How is the program conducted:

This is a video based program which you may access on our platform at your own time and comfort 24/7.

You will be receiving a soft Completion Certificate once you are through with the program.

You would have LIFETIME ACCESS to the program on our platform.

Once you complete the program, you will be able to list your profile on our JOB BOARD so that your profile may be reviewed by recruiters and you may get a call directly from them.


Introduction of Technical Analysis

Video 1

Charts & Scales

Video 2

Types of Charts

Video 3

Simple Moving Averages

Video 4

Exponential Moving Averages

Video 5


Video 6


Video 7


Video 8

AD Line

Video 9

Parabolic SAR

Video 10

Momentum Indicator ROC

Video 11

Bollinger Band

Video 12


Video 13

Stochastic Oscillator

Video 14

Stochastic RSI

Video 15

William % R

Video 16

Dow Theory

Video 17

Trend and Trendline

Video 18

Support and Resistances

Video 19

Channel Line

Video 20

Fibonacci Retracements

Video 21

Reversal Pattern

Video 22

Head and Shoulder

Video 23

Inverse Head and Shoulder

Video 24

Triple Tops and Bottoms

Video 25

Double Ups & Bottoms

Video 26


Video 27


Video 28

Symmetrical Triangle

Video 29

Ascending Triangle

Video 30

Descending Triangle

Video 31




Video 33


Video 34

Three Falling Peak

Video 35

Pivot Point Reversal

Video 36


Video 37


Video 38


Video 39

Hammer and Hanging Man

Video 40

Inverted Hammer

Video 41

Shooting Star

Video 42


Video 43

Types of Doji

Video 44

Spinning Top

Video 45

Bullish Engulfing

Video 46

Bearish Engulfing

Video 47

Piercing Pattern

Video 49

Dark Cloud

Video 50

Bullish Harami

Video 51

Bearish Harami

Video 52

Morning Star

Video 53

Evening Star

Video 54


Video 55

Elliot Wave Interpretation

Video 56

Elliot Wave First Insight

Video 57

Elliot Wave second insight

Video 58


Video 59

Trading Journal

Video 60
Trading Journal Template