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Due Diligence Mastery

This program is designed with the objective of helping you attain the skillset of undertaking a comprehensive Due Diligence exercise

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Whenever a Corporate gets into a Deal with some other company in context of Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Joint Venture, Strategic Partnerships etc. or before investing into any company, they or an Investment Banking company whom they appoint undertake a detailed  Due Diligence exercise. 


Due Diligence is a situational investigation process to create a comprehensive picture of the situation to empower better decision making. Due diligence provides a structured, systematic program for planning, identifying, prioritizing, collecting and analyzing appropriate, relevant, necessary data; in order to create processes that supports to undertake the right decision.

Due Diligence skill is and will be in high demand and lets you undertake activities that shapes a great career e.g, interfacing with customers, presenting before decision makers, developing insight and analysis across different facets of business, handling mandates taking up responsibilities etc. that not only shapes your technical skills but also soft skills as well which is very necessary to develop a rewarding career.

The Interviewer would like to evaluate and understand that if he/she sends you to perform a detailed Due Diligence exercise, whether you have the knowhow as to what information you need to source, what questions you need to ask, what data you need to gather, what insight you need to develop as that would be the critical piece that would finally flow into the report and the financial model and if there is gap here, then the rest of the exercise in terms of building the model and drafting the report gets futile.


Due Diligence skillset is sought by Investment Banking companies, Corporates, Private Equity firms, VC firms, Advisory firms, Boutique Investment Banking firms etc.


With growth of our economy and increasing company collaborations, the requirement of professionals with Due Diligence skillset is much more vis-à-vis its supply.

With the increase in M&A transactions and increase in PE/VC investments in India, this is a huge skill requirement for the Finance Industry.


This is 24 part video based program where I have discussed exhaustively on different aspects around Due Diligence , the broader framework is like the following : 


  • What is Due Diligence
  • Who is involved in the Due Diligence Process.
  • Types of strategies reviewed under Strategic Due Diligence
  • Analysing Strategic Due Diligence in context of 4C Framework
  • How to identify the Strategic rationale under Strategic Due Diligence
  • How to undertake Operational Due Diligence in context of Product, Market, Pricing, Promotion, Sales, Inventory, Efficiency, Distribution, Brand Management , Process etc.
  • How to undertake Financial & Accounting Due Diligence in context of Corporate Affairs, Financial Information, Compliance with Laws, Documentation etc.
  • How to undertake Legal Due Diligence in context of MOU, Shareholders, Contracts, Equipment, Benefit Plans etc.
  • How to undertake Organizational Due Diligence in context of Non Financial performance measures, External Corporate Communication, Internal Corporate Communication etc.
  • How to undertake Functional Due Diligence in context of IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing etc.
  •  How to undertake People Due Diligence in context of Key management personnel, Staffing etc.
  • How to make use of Due Diligence Scorecard Assessment Model (Excel based) to execute the challenging work in a simple, systematic manner.
  • How to draft Due Diligence Report Template Structure etc.


It equips you with the requisite skillset that allows you to draft Due Diligence report on your own that you may present in from of your customers, management etc.


Who may attend the program:


One who has a general understanding of Financial Statements i.e, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow


How is the program conducted:


This is a video based program which you may access on our platform at your own time and comfort 24/7.

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the program.

You will be receiving a soft Completion Certificate once you are through with the program.


Once you complete the program, you will be able to list your profile on our JOB BOARD so that your profile may be reviewed by recruiters and you may get a call directly from them.