Learn practical skillsets which the industry needs in the domain of Business & Finance

Courses Offered

Real Estate Financing Mastery

This program helps you in developing skillset around Financial Modelling & Market Research for Real Estate companies/projects.

Stock Investing : Fundamental Analysis Mastery

If you want to generate wealth by investing in shares on a long term basis, you shall be able to identify the right set of stocks by passing them through a correct Framework of Investment. This program teaches you how to correctly boil down to those stocks which helps you to generate wealth.

Credit Rating Framework Mastery

Credit Rating Analysis Framework charts out the set of aspects that a Financial Analyst needs to look into from a Business, Industry, Management, Project and Finance perspective

Finance for Non-Finance

Finance for Non-Finance program is for individuals who does not have an understanding around Finance, though understand its importance to take better Investment and Business decisions and hence would like to learn Finance.

Financial Modelling Mastery

This program is designed with the objective of helping you attain the skill of developing a practical Financial Model cell by cell.

Business Valuation Mastery

This program is designed with the objective of helping you attain the skillset of undertaking a comprehensive Business Valuation exercise.

Equity Research Mastery

Equity research analysts closely analyze small groups of stocks in order to provide insightful investment ideas and recommendations to BUY/HOLD/SELL. This program extends to you the requisite knowledge and skillset that is required to be a professional Equity Analyst.

Technical Analysis Mastery

This program focuses on enhancing your skill in undertaking Technical Analysis with ease and confidence.


Have you ever wondered as to how a Bank decides on whether to extend Finance to a company or not? They follow a process of Analysis called Credit Analysis and the individuals in the bank who undertakes the same are called Credit Analyst. This program discuss in details the entire Credit Analysis process and shows you the practical side of the same with the help of templates and Case Study.

Due Diligence Mastery

This program is designed with the objective of helping you attain the skillset of undertaking a comprehensive Due Diligence exercise

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) and Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Mastery

This program is designed with the objective of helping you attain the skillset of undertaking a M&A and LBO deal exercise.


Whatever you see around i,e, a Residential Complex, Shopping Mall, Resort, Hotel, Steel factory, Cement Factory, School, Hospital etc. is financed by some financial institution or the other. These units which are financed are referred to as Projects and the process of financial institutions extending finance is called Project Financing. This program equips you with all relevant skills to handle high value transactions.

Essential Excel in Finance

This program exposes you to the most essential aspects of Excel that one needs to be having an understanding of in order to undertake Financial Analysis .

Private Equity / Venture Capital (PE/VC) Mastery

Financial Analyst Intensive (2nd Batch)


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  • "Arin is truly inspirational. I have been impressed not only by his business knowledge, but his ability to help implement the proposed solutions.He can be hands on, inside your business, or on the periphery providing the direction.His understanding of contemporary/technological working methods means that he can apply his processes to all types of organisations. Highly recommended."

    Kavita Ghose - Web Designer
  • "This is certainly one of the most useful pieces of training I have undertaken in the last 20 years. It is the single piece of training most likely to have an impact on the performance of me and my teams"

    Samir - Hospitality Industry
  • "Arin brings decades of experience across Business from varied industries and functions. He has an uncanny ability to show you the connect across business elements which provides deep insight and prepares you to face the business world with more confidence. His programs are highly recommended."

    Supriyo Bose - Business Head

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